Investing in Real Estate: Advantages & Pitfalls

Investing in Real Estate is a proven method of building wealth with an attractive risk vs reward profile. That advantages include: 

  • Real Estate is traditionally a stable investment
  • Great investment for long term value and returns
  • Monthly rental income plus an increase in home value
  • Can typically rent for more than your mortgage payment
  • Take the difference and either pay down your mortgage faster or accumulate for another down payment
  • You can use financing to maximize your “Cash on Cash” return

Why Real Estate may be more attractive as an investment:

  • The historical low rates (near zero for many corporations) have led to an unprecedented surge in corporate debt. The US corporate debt is above 45% of GDP, a historical precursor to a recession.  Much of the debt was used to buy back stock, which pushed stock values higher.
  • Interest rates are increasing, creating pressure on corporations to deleverage.
  • Maybe it’s time to take some profit off the table in the stock market?

Although investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, there are MANY pitfalls you need to be aware of:

  • You never make money by selling a property. You only make money when you buy it at a below-market price/cost
  • Don’t think about fixing and flipping unless you are very knowledgeable on real estate values and construction costs/requirements
  • Don’t get in too much debt. If you don’t have reserves to float 3 months payments and have a “contingency” fund for emergency repairs……keep saving
  • Focus on long term value: positive Cash Flow, steady appreciation, automatic “savings account”
  • Be aware of the requirements to manage a property. Find a property manager if you are not suited for it
  • You can get financing for as little as 15% down, but it is more cost-effective to have 20% down
  • If you are considering moving, you may want to consider keeping your current house and renting it out, if possible. Potentially keep a lower interest rate/payment, get better terms on primary residence financing, even with a lower down payment.

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