Down Payment Assistance Options For You Did you know that first-time homebuyers made up 33% of all homebuyers in 2019? First-time buyers who financed their home typically financed 94% of their home compared to 84% of repeat buyers. 57% of non-homeowners believe it would be at least somewhat difficult to purchase a home based on
Renting vs Buying: Homeowner Tax Breaks If you’re a devoted renter or are on the fence about buying a home, have you considered the numerous tax breaks you could take advantage of if you were a homeowner? Renters have virtually no tax benefits, other than deducting home office space or property tax payments that are
Renting vs Buying: The Pros & Cons The buying vs. renting debate has been going on for some time, and the truth is — there are pros and cons to both sides. What’s most important is that you make your decision based on your short and long-term goals, as well as what’s right for your
Realtors, are you ready for the Spring Market? The supply of ready, willing, able buyers is the highest in the Spring. Buyers typically get their income tax returns during the Spring and many intend to use that to put towards their down payment/closing costs. Another great thing about Spring is the weather! Days are longer
Are You Mortgage Ready? Tired of wasting money on rent and ready to build equity for your future? Then Let’s talk about the 3 steps to becoming mortgage ready! #1 Get to know your credit score Start by getting a free copy of your credit report at Review the report for any errors and
4 Things To Know About Your Credit Score
Changes are coming to your FICO score Your credit score is 1 of 7 factors that affect your mortgage rate. FICO recently announced a new version of the FICO score, a 3-digit number that assesses a person’s credit risk. Previously, FICO scores were calculated by taking a snapshot of a person’s payment history. The new
How to Win the Realtor Marketing Game: Competing in the New Age Real estate marketing has shifted drastically in the last decade. Marketing is no longer just about adopting new technology and using it better than other agents. Up until recently, agents have only competed with each other for business. Now, agents are competing against
Self-employed borrowers experience the same loan process as people who receive a wage or salary. However, the income of self-employed borrowers’ is calculated under strict regulations for residential mortgages. Lenders want assurance that the borrowers can prove that they have a stable income and will be able to make their payments on time.
Investing in Real Estate: Advantages & Pitfalls Investing in Real Estate is a proven method of building wealth with an attractive risk vs reward profile. That advantages include:  Real Estate is traditionally a stable investment Great investment for long term value and returns Monthly rental income plus an increase in home value Can typically rent